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AMTES GmbH – Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Service GmbH (AMTES) is a young and fast-growing maintenance and repair organization committed to developing new opportunities for our customers and partners in the area of aircraft maintenance.

The AMTES GmbH is working with a Part-145 MRO, certified by EASA as well as approved by FAA and Bermuda DCA and with a FAP-145 certified MRO the AMTES GmbH complies with the highest quality standards adopted in the aviation industry.

Scope of services

  • Line maintenance up to A-check

  • Minor scheduled Line Maintenance at Line Station FRA

  • Wheel/brake repair (С14)

  • Inventory management (parts warehousing and logistics)

  • Engineering planning and management

  • Purchase and sale of U.S./EC-produced components and consumables

  • Rental of a parking stand (А380/В747) with stationary ground power

  • Rental of ground support equipment and tools

  • Labor rental (Cat. А/В1/В2/С)

  • Rental of airside vehicles (cars and vans)

Aircraft and engine types

  • Boeing 747-200/300 (CF6-50), Boeing 747-400 (CF6-80, PW 4000), Boeing 747-8 (GEnx), Boeing 737 CL(CFM-56), Boeing 777.

  • An-124-100, IL-76.

An 8,500 sq.mtrs. hangar facility in LEJ airport is equipped with all necessary tools and equipment, wheel and brake shop, structure repair shop as well as heated floors to perform safety maintenance services for the various. It can accommodate one B747 type wide-body aircraft or up to four B737/A320 narrow-body aircraft in parallel.

Development plans

  • Base maintenance on western and Russian aircraft up to C-check

  • Composite and sheet metal structural repair

  • Aircraft wash

  • Engine wash

Our advantages

  • Favorable location: based in the center of Europe

  • Fully equipped facilities

  • Highly qualified engineers and technicians

  • Warehouse facilities, including a bonded warehouse

  • Customer-oriented approach in serving customer needs

  • 24/7 operations

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