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Volga-Dnepr Technics Moscow’s (VDTM) Aviation Training Center has been awarded Federal Aviation Regulation № 289 certification, making it one of the first MRO providers to be approved to train engineering and technical personnel to conduct maintenance on aircraft produced by international manufacturers, including Boeing 747-400 and 747-8 types.

The certificate enables VDTM to deliver training sessions for the following aircraft versions:

- Boeing 737-300/400/500

- Boeing 737-700/800

- Boeing 747-400/-8

- Airbus A319/320/321

It is the only Russian organisation approved to provide Boeing 747-400 and 747-8 personnel training. “In 2016, we not only provided training to develop the skills of our own MRO specialists, we also extended our training services to external customers for their own personnel. This is continuing in 2017 and we have already received requests for training from companies such as A-Technics, Russia Airlines, UTG aviation services and others,” said Evgeniy Kochetov, Volga-Dnepr Technics Moscow’s General Director.

Evgeniy Shulepov, manager of UTG aviation services, is one of VDTM’s longstanding customers for Boeing 737 CL and Boeing 737NG aviation training programmes. He says the company is highly satisfied with the quality of the training provided and the competence of VDTM’s trainers.

Volga-Dnepr Technics Moscow has already received MRO certifications under EASA Part-145, EASA Part-147, Bermuda OTAR-145, OTAR-39 Subpart F, FAR-285, and FAR-289. The company is also authorised to maintain Boeing 737 NG, Boeing 737CL, Boeing 747-400/-8, Airbus 320 Family and Superjet SSJ-100 aircraft types.

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