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Volga-Dnepr Gulf obtains ‘unlimited’ EASA PART-145 Approval


Volga-Dnepr Gulf has extended its EASA Part-145 certificate to include a full range of maintenance activities (up to D-check) on Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 737 CL/NG type aircraft.

The approval process included a successful three-day EASA audit to confirm compliance of Volga-Dnepr Gulf with applicable EASA requirements for quality, safety procedures and maintenance capabilities. In the course of the audit the company demonstrated its unswerving adherence to EASA standards including personnel qualification level, maintenance process structure, equipment/tooling availability, as well as professionalism of management team.

This ‘unlimited’ EASA Part-145 approval makes Volga-Dnepr Gulf the first and fully independent MRO provider in the Middle East and Africa market to offer the entire scope of base maintenance on В747/737 type aircraft. The company is fully capable to provide its customers with services of any complexity, including implementation of complex modifications and major changes of aircraft systems and avionics, the highest level of maintenance checks (up to D-checks) and any other non-routine activities under requests from aircraft manufacturers or other STC holders and aircraft operators/owners.

“Extension of EASA Part-145 approval opens up fresh opportunities for the company to develop its business in the field of western-built aircraft maintenance. Our team did its best to obtain such an approval and to demonstrate the highest organizational level to EASA. Volga-Dnepr Gulf is poised to offer high quality services to B747/737 operators and to establish mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation with them,” said Viktor Sherin, Managing Director of Volga-Dnepr Gulf.

Volga-Dnepr Gulf is based in Sharjah, UAE and operates a maintenance organization since 1996. From 2013 the Company built an advanced hangar facility of approximately 22 000 square meter area, designed to facilitate airplane maintenance and repair services. The hangar is capable of accommodating six narrow body (737/A320 size) and two wide body aircraft (747 or AN-124-100 size) simultaneously. The hangar is complemented with all required tools/ equipment for quality maintenance of various types of aircraft, and is fully air-conditioned with high quality fire protection systems. Volga-Dnepr Gulf is a holder of EASA Part 145 approval certificate along with many other regulatory authority approval certificates. Currently Volga-Dnepr Gulf is qualified to provide maintenance services on Boeing 747/ 757/737CL/737NG and Airbus A320 family aircraft. This list is expanding every moth and additional aircraft models will be added soon. In addition VD Gulf is approved to support Russian aircraft models including IL-76, AN-24, AN-26, AN-32, AN-74 and AN-124. In Fujairah city there is an operational line maintenance station which provides maintenance services on AN-124-100, AN-74 and IL-76TD airplanes operated worldwide.


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