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Sabantuy at Leipzig


On 14 June the Klara Zetkin central park of Leipzig welcomed Sabantuy the Tatar national festival, which assembled together more than five hundred visitors from all over Europe. The program included sports competitions, a gala concert, national cuisine and other interesting events.  

The festival was initiated and organized by Ildar R. Ilyassov the Managing Director of Volga-Dnepr Technics GmbH (VDT GmbH) and Danis Aliaskarov a sales department executive. It should be noted that Sabantuy was conducted first time in Saxony nevertheless the arrangements were beyond and above any criticism.

VDT GmbH and Ruslan SALIS GmbH employees were very active participants of traditional sports competitions.

Ildar Ilyassov said: “I am really happy that we managed to organize such a wonderful festival. Normally the German Sabantuys are held in Berlin while this was the first one in Saxony, which means a great step towards the development and promotion of Tatar culture in the region. Many people, sport events, delicious treatments of national cuisine made the atmosphere real unforgettable. My appreciations to all the participants, health and happiness to you all!




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