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Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Service GmbH was granted permit to provide maintenance checks to airplanes registered in the United States of America


Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Service GmbH (AMTES GmbH) was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a maintenance service provider for US-registered airplanes.

AMTES GmbH is authorized to maintain American Boeing 747-8F (GEnX), B-747-400 B747-200/300 (CF6, PW-4000) type airplanes in the scope of up to A Check inclusive at Leipzig/Halle Airport. The Enhanced Rating C14 enables the Company to repair wheels and brakes removed from US-registered В747-400/8F type airplanes.

In the event that customers show up at line maintenance station in Frankfurt AMTES GmbH will take necessary action to get the station certificated by FAA through European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

“The US FAA approval is a sequence of great effort of all our Company personnel, which helps us be optimistic and look to the future with even more inspiration. We are very much interested in developing relationships with American air carriers and at all times we will be pleased to make available our hangar facilities and personnel so that Customers should have no doubts in the highest quality of our services,” said Ildar Ilyasov the AMTES GmbH Managing Director.

AMTES GmbH is a maintenance and repair service provider for Western build airplanes. The main operation base is in Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ), which hangar facility area is 8 500 square meters in total. There is one more line maintenance station operating in Frankfurt am Mein Airport.


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