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Aircraft Engineering Support

Volga-Dnepr Technics in accordance with the Bermuda aviation authorities has the right to provide services for the maintenance of aircraft airworthiness in accordance with OTAR Part 39 Option 2 Subpart E (CAMO approval).

Now for the aircraft types Boeing 737-300 / 400/500, Boeing 747-400 (CF6-80) and Boeing 747-8 (GEnx) VDT can provide the following services:

    • Aircraft engineering support – preparation and composition of Maintenance schedule (MS);
        • Engine condition monitoring;
            • Reliability analysis, preparation of reports and issues/editions;
                • SB/AD analysis, aircraft status follow-up;
                    • Development of maintenance documentation to support AD/SB implementation;
                        • Development of maintenance documentation based on special procedures and additional Operator’s request, aircraft weighing, test flight;
                            • Development of aircraft and components maintenance tasks for Operators and MRO organizations;
                                • Structure repairs status follow-up;
                                    • Development of the list of components with limited operating/service life (HTC/LLP)